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Troubleshooting Guide: Windows 11 Taskbar Not Showing - How to Fix It

  If your Windows 11 taskbar is not showing, you can try several troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue. Here are some potential solutions you can try:

What are the difference between OData and GraphQL?

  OData and GraphQL are both query languages for APIs, but they have different design goals and use cases. OData is a standardized protocol for creating and consuming RESTful APIs. It provides a set of conventions for querying and modifying data using HTTP requests. OData supports filtering, sorting, paging, and other features for querying data, and it is designed to work with a wide range of data sources, including databases, file systems, and web services. OData is useful for creating APIs that expose complex data models and relationships, and for enabling interoperability between different systems. GraphQL, on the other hand, is a query language and runtime for APIs. It provides a way for clients to specify exactly what data they need, and the server returns only that data in a single response. GraphQL is designed to reduce over-fetching and under-fetching of data, which can improve performance and reduce network usage. GraphQL is useful for creating APIs that are highly flexible an