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Troubleshooting Guide: Windows 11 Taskbar Not Showing - How to Fix It

  If your Windows 11 taskbar is not showing, you can try several troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue. Here are some potential solutions you can try:

Demystifying .NET MAUI: Building Cross-Platform Apps with Ease

  .NET MAUI (Multi-platform App UI) is a framework developed by Microsoft that allows developers to build cross-platform applications for desktop, mobile, and web using a single codebase. It is an evolution of the Xamarin.Forms framework and is part of the .NET ecosystem. .NET MAUI provides a unified and modern UI framework that enables developers to create native user interfaces for iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and other platforms. With .NET MAUI, developers can write their application logic and UI code once and have it run on multiple platforms without needing to rewrite the entire application for each platform. The key features of .NET MAUI include: Cross-platform development : With .NET MAUI, developers can build applications that run on multiple platforms, such as iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and more, using a shared codebase. XAML-based UI : .NET MAUI uses the XAML (eXtensible Application Markup Language) for defining the user interface, which is a declarative language for crea